The Painted Wolf Foundation

The aim of the Painted Wolf Foundation is to secure the future of the painted wolf (Lycaon pictus).
The Painted Wolf Foundation has three primary objectives: to raise awareness and funds for this
relatively unknown creature; to support painted wolf conservation organisations in the field; and to
encourage and facilitate collaborations between organisations to achieve better results through
knowledge sharing and maximising the impact of funding.

The Foundation was born out of profits made available from the book “Painted Wolves: A Wild
Dog’s Life” and was founded in 2018 by its co-authors Peter Blinston, (Executive Director of
Painted Dog Conservation) and Nicholas Dyer (wildlife photographer and entrepreneur) as well
as megafauna specialist and pioneering community conservationist, Diane Skinner. The Painted
Wolf Foundation is a UK Registered Charity.

Over the last two years, the Painted Wolf Foundation has conducted an analysis of the status of
conservation of Lycaon pictus in consultation with the leading conservationists involved. The
Foundation has recently produced a report “Securing the Future of the Painted Wolf” together
with the Wildlife Conservation Network which analyses the factors that act as headwinds to
reversing the downward trajectory of the species, and considers what can be done to improve the

It is the ambition of the Painted Wolf Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Network to launch
a new fund to provide significant funding to target these headwinds and implement an innovative
theory of change aiming to double the number of painted wolves over the next 30 years.


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Contact: Nicholas Dyer (nick@paintedwolf.org)

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"The painted wolf is Africa’s most persecuted predator. Few know they exist. We raise awareness and support organisations that conserve them."

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